Thread: Problems with assignin values to an array of structs...

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    Question [SOLVED] Problems with assignin values to an array of structs...

    Hello World!

    I am trying to read the contents of a file, that stores information on incoming messages. Each message consists of two lines: the first containing information about the reception time, and the sender, and the second line containing the message itself. I am trying to store the contents of the file in an array of structures. My structure definiton looks as follows:

    int i,j;
    struct msg{
    	int h;
    	int m;
    	int phone;
    	char content[101];
    char current_line[100];
    FILE *src_file;
    My attempt at getting the information from the file into the array looks like this:

    	if(i%2==1){    /*because every unpaired row contains information about when did the message arrive and from where, I only want to work with those rows...*/
    Here is how my text file looks...

    9 11 123456789
    Szia, mikor jossz?
    9 13 434324223
    Nem kerek ebedet!
    9 14 434324223
    Hova menjek erted?
    9 16 343567452
    Nem erek oda idoben. Hivd fel a fonokot es ments ki!
    The first number is the hour, the second is the minute and the third is the telephone number. Every second line contains the message. The program compiles, but when run, it gives a segmentation fault. I found some related threads, but couldn't get the right conclusion on what should be the problem here... any help, would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    segmentation fault
    You should use the "address of" operator (&) with int inputs in scanf type functions:
    Also: notice that stuff in "code" tags does not get line wrapped, so please please please NEVER AGAIN use long, unbroken comment lines in code tags.

    Plus: in the example you posted that data is every 5th line...
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    cpwiki -- our wiki on sourceforge

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    Ouch! I can't believe I missed that - again! I always forget that ampersand character, when working with arrays... anyways, thanks for the quick reply! Have a nice day man! I'll be on a lookout for long comment lines too...

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