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    Question difference among loops

    wat is difference among loops?
    can anybody answer this question?

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    What do you mean? What sort of loops are we talking about? The four basic loop constructs in C, or something else?

    If the former:
    for loop: used when you want to get from some value to another value iteratively.
    while loop: do something zero or more times.
    do-while loop: do something one or more times.
    goto: don't use unless you are REALLY sure you have to. [Which is very rare].

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    To show possible practical uses:

    for loop: used when working with every element in a series
    while loop: used when working until a certain condition is met (until the users exits, or until a certain procedure is successful)
    do-while: pretty much the same as above, it just happens AT LEAST once, no matter what.
    goto: used when hacking the kernel, and that's about it, pretty much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rakeshkumar View Post
    wat is difference among loops?
    can anybody answer this question?
    1.for loop
    In for loop first i is initialized to 1 then it is checked against the condition(<=5) and then executes the body, after which it increments i and again checks for the condition and the process is repeated until i equals 6.
    2.while loop
    //do something
    You can see the difference between the structures of for and while loop. They both generally do the same thing. while loop
    This loop is used if anything is to be done atleast once.
    //do something
    This loop guarantees that the body will be executed at least once while the other two loops (for and while) may not execute the body even once.

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