Thread: Tracking Multiple Processes in C Application

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    Tracking Multiple Processes in C Application


    I am running 4 parallel instances of my C application on a windows machine. I would be calling the applications in my C code as below:

    for (int I=0 ; I<4 ; I++)
    system("Start myCApplication.exe Parameter-I");
    Now, since 4 windows are running independently, I need to track them by fetching the Process ID of each and checking the count of the number of processes running. How can I fetch the number of processes running inside the C code?


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    You need to use a system-call that gives you some sort of "handle" to the child-process. In Windows, you can use CreateProcess, in Linux you would probably use fork.

    Using system will not work unless you are doing a Rube Goldberg to use other system calls to dig out the process ID's of your child processes, and then checking up on those.

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