Thread: separating functions into diff files

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    separating functions into diff files

    Hello, I have a pretty big file and I wanted to move the functions into other files. So far I've been compiling with
    cc -o out main.c a.c
    But I would like to just compile one c file. Is that possible? I was reading something about using #include, so in my main.c I have:
    #include "a.h"
    and in my a.h file I define my constants and functions
    #define PI 3.14
    void a(int N, int *M);
    and in a separate a.c file I only have the function. However when I try compiling I have the error " undefined reference to 'a' " What am I doing wrong?

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    If you haven't compiled any of the files, you must compile them all. If you have only recently edited one file, you just need to recompile that file. You always need to link all of them however.

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