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    CGROM table


    I am writing a program that takes user input from a WinXP machine and sends it through a Serial Com Port to an LCD Screen.

    The LCD screen has an in-built CGROM table for example the "tab" command \137 represents superscript 9 on LCD screen.

    My program takes 1 character at a time from user input on stdin and adds it to a char string.

    Does anyone know how I can send the \137 to the screen to get a superscript 9? at the moment it takes it at face value, converts the "\" to to give 137?

    my user input code is
             printf("Enter line %d(<=20 chars): ", line);
             c = getchar();
             char_count = 0;
             while((c != '\n') && (char_count < MAXBUFFERSIZE)) {
                  buffer[char_count++] = c;
                  c = getchar();
             buffer[char_count] = 0x00;
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Is this one of those "I want to send a string to the system, so to send the \ char, I have to send two \\ char's", kind of things?

    It's system("dir C:\\*.*"), not system("dir C:\*.*")

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