Thread: converting a char to a "string"

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    converting a char to a "string"

    I have a function that accepts a c-string (a char *). The function transmits each character of the string via the serial port. Inside the function, the strlen function is used to determine how many characters to transmit. The function works well when I do...

    void Transmit_String(char *Log_String) {
      int Line_Ready = 0;
      int Length = strlen(Log_String);
      int x;
      for (x = 0; x < Length; x++) {
        // Check to make sure port is ready to send
        while (Line_Ready == 0) {
          Line_Ready = inportb(COM2_LINE_STATUS) & 0x20;
        Line_Ready = 0;
        // Send next byte
        outportb(COM2_BUFFERS, Log_String[x]);
    // Example Call
    Transmit_String("Hello World!");
    However, I'd like to send a single character that I get from a variable...

    char Manual_Command = '~';
    //I initially tried
      char *Temp = (char *) malloc(sizeof(char) * 5);
        sscanf(Temp, "%c", &Manual_Command);
    I always seem to get random junk though instead of the expected character.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    You either need a separate function to send one character, or make it into a string (an array of 2 characters, with the second character a zero).

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    Doesn't my second attempt make it into a string? The sscanf?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bladactania View Post
    Doesn't my second attempt make it into a string? The sscanf?
    Maybe you wanted to use sprintf instead of sscanf? That would make more sense there...the sscanf will be reading from Temp into ManualCommand (why?). Then you send Temp, which has no defined content.
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    Oh my good Lord! That's what I get for reading forums before coding! I had been reading a thread about sscanf.


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