Thread: Some suggestions about keyboard input ?

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    Some suggestions about keyboard input ?

    At my university, me and a couple of friends were given a task to write remote control application, something like radmin but it should be more simple. I am working on the part getting the keys the user types on the keyboard, something like keylogger. The whole thing must be done in PURE C.
    The problem is this: How can i make keylogger-like program in C ? I know that there are some libraries for C++, i looked at some API at the microsoft page, but is there some other way to do it ? And if there isn't, can I implement those APIs in my C code ?

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    You don't need a keylogger type application for this. When your remote control application has the focus, it will get all keyboard and mouse input. The only thing a keylogger would do is allow you to get keyboard input even when your application does not have the focus, and this doesn't make sense.

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    I know what you are trying to say, but the project for me is to build a keylogger in pure C.
    I also know that i can use GetKeyboardState() and the similar APIs in C++, but i just want to know: is there some other way ?

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    As bithub just pointed out, if you want to write an app ala radmin, you will be completely wasting your time trying to figure out how to write a keylogger, since just using the normal IO methods will work fine.

    This is like saying, "I want to go to the store", and when someone says, "Well, you could use your car, it's sitting outside," you say "No, no, first I need to build a snowmobile from available parts and find a route using the river that will get me there without falling thru the ice". One the one hand, you could be at the store already, on the other, you will be lucky to get out of the house this week. And, by the time you are done, you could submit your code to a "most ridiculous solution to a simple problem" contest. Honestly.
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