Thread: problem with structure !!!!

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    problem with structure !!!!

    Hello all
    I've wrote this header file
    struct sign
        char sign;
    struct identifier
        char *variable;
        double number;
        struct identifier *id;
    struct lib 
        char hash;
        char *include;
        signlib sign1;
        identify lib_name;
        char dot ;
        char h;
        signlib sign2;
    and when I compiled it i have this error message :
    PHP Code:
    tree.h:18 errorexpected specifier-qualifier-list before signlib 
    can any one tell me what is the problem ???

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    The compiler does not have enough information, that is the problem.

    You should try something like these:

    typedef struct signlib
        char sign;

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    adrian2009's suggestion looks correct. The problem is that in the original example, signlib is a variable of type struct sign.
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