Thread: Any C experts interested in tutoring me?

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    Any C experts interested in tutoring me?

    I posted this to Craig's List and will post it here as well:

    Hello, I am taking a C Programming course online. I am doing OK, but I need an experienced guru to help me along, review my assignments, help me solve problems. A teaching "fellow" if you will

    Need someone who is available via chat (Google) from 9am to about 9pm PST. All help can be via IM and email. I am an expert in CSS and XHTML so I am not a complete nit

    Since it's too cumbersome to track time, I propose a flat fee of $100 for the rest of this course I am taking. For the record I will need you about 5 to 10 minutes per day for review of my code, and one-off questions. I doubt you will spend more than about 4 hours total for the rest of the course. You needn't write code, just review small assignments and show me what I'm doing wrong when it won't compile or run correctly. I would prefer someone who is good natured, patient, and just loves coding and doesn't get agitated or annoyed easily-- in other words someone how loves helping others and coding.

    Thank you so much!

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    Just ask your questions in here and be amazed by the fast response time from real professional coders.

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