Thread: Reading Text File (spaces problem)

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    Reading Text File (spaces problem)

    Hi , I am new in C Programming ,

    I have some code that i write below :

                  int i ;
                  for (i = 0; i < Seat ; i++)
                      fscanf(fp, "%s %d %d",&Seats[i].strName,Seats[i].available,&Seats[i].type);
                  printf("\n\nData successfully loaded...");
    Usually i wanted to do is the program reads each line a text file and put it into a structurer array . But in my text file , i got 1 line of data looks like this

    Jason Liew 0 1

    So i try to printf and see wether the data is it inside the array , but when i type Seat[0].strName , it just show a string "Jason" only , and "Liew" is gone , I was thinking for so long how to wrap the name together . Can anyone guide me and explain what i have go wrong? Thanks

    Regards, kekewong
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    The %s modifier stops at whitespace. You will need to change the way you use the format specifier, or use a different method of reading your data.

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