Thread: Extracting words from strings

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    Extracting words from strings

    i want to extract all the words in a string, so that i can compare each word with another to find the most repeated word in the whole string.

    Anyone,, please help me

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    Look into strtok() in string.h

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    Any example program??

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    Check out this snippet from the faq.

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    There are a few functions (including strtok) you can use to split a string on spaces (ie, separate a sentance into words), or you can write your own. Have a look at this thread, which is a discussion of exactly that.

    In terms of finding duplicates: the straightforward, "brute-force" method will be fine unless you got your sentence out of James Joyce or David Foster Wallace: After you have split the string into an array, for each element in the array loop through the array using strcmp(). Use a same length, separate array of integers (ie, one for each word), all set to zero. When a duplicate is found, set the corresponding int to -1. When proceeding through the loop, skip elements that have a corresponding value of -1 (and, obviously, set the corresponding int to the number of finds at the end of the loop).
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