Thread: Multiple Precision libraries

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    Multiple Precision libraries

    I need a multiple precision library that has is really basic. Like, no assembly to make it go faster. Just a simple, clean, and oh yeah, open source library.

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    There are a number of them out there, so perhaps you could tell us which ones you've already come across and discounted so that people don't suggest them again.

    Also, I've written my own in purely C++ (no asm), on my website. bigint.h and megfloat.cpp/h on the Useful Classes page.
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    I tried lots of search keywords and I don't really get anything related.

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    Funny that. You must not have typed in (almost) the title of your thread here:
    multi precision library
    into google gives the first hit as "GNU M(ulti)P(recision) Libraray" - GMP for short, which would be what I'd give as the first option.

    And the second/third hits are Wikipedia articles on the subject of MP Libraries.

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