Thread: Storing B-tree on the Disk

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    Question Storing B-tree on the Disk

    Hey everybody I am working on a program where I have created a binary tree with node as described below:-

    struct node {
        uint32_t data;   
        uint32_t bitstring; 
    	 uint32_t level;
        struct node* left;
        struct node* right;
    So I want to create the tree and fill with data once and then want to store on the Disk so that I can use this saved tree Again and Again whenever I need ....Any suggestions How this can be done in C or C++.


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    Write the list out in order of traversal, then link again as you load. Either save node numbers instead of pointers, or just save a 0 or 1 for each child, left and right.

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    Oh how disappointing, it's not a B-Tree at all, it's just a binary tree.

    So did you miss-name it or did you implement the wrong thing?
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    >So did you miss-name it or did you implement the wrong thing?

    I wasn't going to say anything, but that's actually a good question. If your assignment was to implement a B-Tree you've implemented the wrong thing. B-Tree != Binary tree

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