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    Ascii Art program

    Im new to C programming and am trying to complete a program for class which prints an array and then takes user input to make a picture out of 'X's. Right now Im just trying to create the part where it makes a straight line, however, im confused about calling functions and using arrays and was hoping some kind sole could give me a little help anything would be very much appreciated.

    here is what I have so far

    #include <string.h>
    #include <ctype.h>
    #define SIZE 25
    void Line(char array[25][25]);
    int main()
    int row;
    int column;
    char array[SIZE][SIZE];
    //set array to space character
        array[row][column]=' ';
    //print out array (notice the brackets are here NOT in the set for loops)
    Line(char array[SIZE][SIZE]);
    void Line(char array[25][25])
    	int RowStart;
    	int ColStart;
    	int RowEnd;
    	int ColEnd;
    	int i;
    	int j;
    	printf("Enter starting row: ");
    	scanf("%d\n", &RowStart);
    	printf("Enter starting column: ");
    	scanf("%d\n", &ColStart);
    	printf("Enter ending row: ");
    	scanf("%d\n", &RowEnd);
    	printf("Enter ending column: ");
    	scanf("%d\n", &ColEnd);
    	for(i=RowStart; i<RowEnd; i++){
    	   for(j=ColStart; j<ColEnd; j++)
    	      printf("X", array[i][j]);
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    I only see two problems (with something other than indentation). The first is on line 27:
    Line(char array[SIZE][SIZE]);
    That's an array initialization inside the parens; it's a statement and not an expression. If your instructor hasn't defined these terms yet, I'm sure someone here has a very clear explanation (or a URL for one).

    Anyway, the long and short is that the identifier by itself is an expression, thus:
    The second mistake, although it won't directly affect the program, is on line 35 (and 5 for that matter):
    void Line(char array[25][25])
    You can initialize an array like that within a function's body, but it has no extra effect in the header. You get the same thing as if you were to ask for "char **array"; it might be a square 25x25 matrix or it might not.

    By the way, I'm always better at answering questions (if I know the answers) than finding problems. But look out; if you find a question that really interests me, you might get more response than you expected.

    Oh, I almost forgot... Your file really needs indentation all over for the sake of readability. Even as short as it is, it's hard to follow without proper indentation as a guide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesdisciple View Post
    void Line(char array[25][25])
    You can initialize an array like that within a function's body, but it has no extra effect in the header. You get the same thing as if you were to ask for "char **array";
    no, it is not...

    it is equivalent to
    void Line(char array[][25])
    only one dimention could be left out when passing two-dimensional array...

    char** is not 2-dimentional array - it is pointer to pointer, it could though represent dynamically allocated array of pointers each of it points to one-dimentional array, but it cannot represent statically allocated 2-dimensional array

    Compiler will have no way to know how to access the array[i][j] member in this case

    in the case above - it will know that each line contains 25 chars, so it will skip i*25+j chars to get to the requested index
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