Thread: Monitoring soundcard line-out level

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    Question Monitoring soundcard line-in or line-out level

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a hobby programmer, using mostly LCC (a Windows C compiler), and also have C++Builder 5.

    My question:

    How can I monitor the actual line-in or line-out signal level on a PC (SoundBlaster) sound card in Windows 9x?

    I don't mean get the volume control settings, but the actual signal level.

    The project:

    I'd like to make a simple gain limiter for use with a TV card (commercials are ridiculously loud). Adjusting volume level is simple enough, I just need a signal reference.

    The TV card plugs into the soundcard externally, so either line-in or line-out monitoring would work.

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    See if your card manufacturer has an SDK you can download.

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    Thanks, but I've googled myself silly without success.

    All I can find is some really old DOS info, and nothing to monitor line signals.

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    To be able to affect the ACTUAL output level without adjusting the volume control, you need to have access to the raw data prior to it going to the sound-card and analyze it to determine the sound-level. That's far from easy. Once the sound-data has reached the actual sound-card, it's too late to do anything in software.

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    I don't mind adjusting the master volume control (via software), so I don't need to manipulate the raw data output. I just need to access the signal level for a reference.

    I have a freeware app (EchoFilter 2) that does realtime AGC (auto gain control), so I know it can be done. However, that app also does graphs and charts, and the 333MHz computer with the TV card struggles to adjust the volume without lagging.

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