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    One more coding problem

    This is what i have written so far but for some reason when passing the data back and forth from the getdata function it either does not work or does not record the correct numerical data, any help would be great
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #define MAX_ELMNTS 100
    #define ANLYS_RNG 20
    typedef struct
    char color[MAX_ELMNTS];
    char size[MAX_ELMNTS];
    int qty[ANLYS_RNG];
    double price[ANLYS_RNG];
    void getdata (PAINTDATA paint1, PAINTDATA piant2, PAINTDATA paint3, PAINTDATA paint4);
    void printdata (PAINTDATA* pdata1,PAINTDATA* pdata2, PAINTDATA* pdata3, PAINTDATA* pdata4);
    //Functions in Other File
    int main()
      PAINTDATA paint[4];
      PAINTDATA* pdata[4];
      pdata[4] = &paint[4];
      getdata (&paint[0], &paint[1], &paint[2], &paint[3]);
      printdata (&paint[0], &paint[1], &paint[2], &paint[3]);
      return 0;
    void getdata (PAINTDATA paint1, PAINTDATA paint2, PAINTDATA paint3, 	PAINTDATA paint4)
    	FILE* infile;
    	infile = fopen("", "r");
    	if(infile == NULL)
    		printf ("There is no such file\n\n");
    	fscanf(infile, "%s %s %d %lf", paint1.color, paint1.size, &paint1.qty, &paint1.price);
    	fscanf(infile, "%s %s %d %lf", paint2.color, paint2.size, &paint2.qty, &paint2.price);
    	fscanf(infile, "%s %s %d %lf", paint3.color, paint3.size, &paint3.qty, &paint3.price);
    	fscanf(infile, "%s %s %d %lf", paint4.color, paint4.size, &paint4.qty, &paint4.price);
    void printdata (PAINTDATA* pdata1,PAINTDATA* pdata2, PAINTDATA* pdata3, PAINTDATA* pdata4)
    	printf("%s %s %d %lf\n\n", pdata1->color, pdata1->size, pdata1->qty, pdata1->price);
    	printf("%s %s %d %lf\n\n", pdata2->color, pdata2->size, pdata2->qty, pdata2->price);
    	printf("%s %s %d %lf\n\n", pdata3->color, pdata3->size, pdata3->qty, pdata3->price);
    	printf("%s %s %d %lf\n\n", pdata4->color, pdata4->size, pdata4->qty, pdata4->price);

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      PAINTDATA paint[4];
      PAINTDATA* pdata[4];
      pdata[4] = &paint[4];
    Valid array indexes are 0 through size-1. Thus, 4 is actually beyond what you are allowed to manipulate.
    for( x = 0; x < 4; x++ )
        pcdata[ x ] = &paint[ x ];

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