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    Hi , i am using the line


    to form feed after printing out my pages, this works fine no problem on most printers including lasers networked or stand alone, however on HP deskjets standalone printers although the page prints and form feeds no problem, the form feed warning light comes on after printing is complete.

    This resets when the nest job goes to the printer and subsequent print runs are not affected, so obviously it probably just needs an additional small command to reset it.

    The work i have done here is appreciated and i don't want to leave them with flashing printer lights, neither do i want to start using a load of unnecessary code , so if someome can give me a pointer it will be greatly appreciated.



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    You could try
    fflush ( printer );
    and see if that does the trick. Hopefully it would cause a form feed and turn off the light.

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    /f is form feed

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    Hi folks,
    a little help needed. I would like to use a hp printer to view the result of a project I am working on at the moment. I have the access codes, reset, landscape, condensed, bold underline ect, but have tried in vain to implement these within my code. Any pointers would be greatfully appreciated.
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