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    delete code

    Hi, I was wondering how, or who to contact about deleting some code i put in a few threads. I am worried about plagiarism of the code, and need to know if i can have it removed.


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    And wouldn't that be more of a problem for the students who plagiarize your solution? Surely you can prove that you did write it first, THEN posted on the forum?

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    You can edit your posts, can't you? Not to sound rude or anything, but why do you think anyone would want to plagiarize your code? Have you written anything revolutionary?

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    I originally did write the code, and I put some up on the forum to ask about an issue i was having, but someone from my course also uses this website and he emailed me warning me that others from the course might find it, and use it for their assignment.

    I can prove it, but having to sit in a plagiarising meeting, proving I uploaded the code, is not what i want, and once you have been marked for plagiarising at uni, its on your record, guilty or not.

    I'll put it back if people want in a month after its marked.
    There is no edit button, I think once someone else has replied the edit option goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a.mlw.walker View Post
    There is no edit button, I think once someone else has replied the edit option goes.
    Nah that's not it. Not so long ago you could edit any of your posts to a thread when you were logged in, including the original post, well after many others have responded to the thread. The problem was that many people were abusing the feature by going back and selfishly deleting all of what they wrote straight after they get their answer, causing a lot of confusion and preventing anyone else from learning from that person's mistake. I think for that reason the edit post feature has now been disabled.
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