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    rabbit processor

    have anyone worked on rabbit processsor??????? exactly where it is used??? and about future scope????

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    You mean this little guy?

    Rabbit® 2000 Microprocessors | Products | Rabbit

    Looks like a fun cpu to play with.

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    Never used it. The web-site gives some information on where it may be used - but it's really anything that needs a small processor - it's an 8 bit CPU running at about 30MHz, so it's not going to beat a modern PC in any way, but it'll do quite a bit [it's faster by a factor of 10 to the computers I used when I started out in the stone-age].

    But compare the floating point performance of 11 microseconds to modern PC CPU's which do a floating point operation in about 4-20 clock cycles (at 2+ GHz - about 100x faster).

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    Basically wanted to ask about the use as embedded processor. I have nt heard about many projects using this. And what will be the future scope....

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