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    Smile file handling

    Our lecturer gave us a program to look over in the holidays. Unfortunately I think he has forgotten we havenít done any file handling in C yet. Iíve had a look around on some other websites to see if I can self teach myself some stuff. In my opinion I think from what I have picked up this piece of code should work? Iím trying to add a name to a txt file that already has some data in it Ö

    From the examples I read online they were only printing text already present in the source code into the text file. But I am assuming that itís possible to add the content of a variable to a text file?

    When I run the program I enter a name and then press enter and the program closes. When I check the text file nothing has changed at all. Please help


    void add_student()
         char student_name[25];
          printf("\nPlease enter a students name to add them to the data base.");
                                    FILE *fp;
                                    fp = fopen("collegerecord.txt","a");
         //puts("Function associated with menu option 'b' called sucessfully");

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    fgets works to read a line of text into a buffer. From there you could use sscanf on it. You could use fscanf which works like scanf. You could use fgetc which works like getc.

    Basically you can scan into a buffer and parse it, or you can read directly into a variable. You just decide which method you need, and pick the right functions for the task.

    As to your issue, try removing the & from your scanf line. Also try displaying the name on the screen first to make sure it's how you think it is.

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