Thread: How to plot a graph using C

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    How to plot a graph using C

    Hi.. I am a beginner in C and I work on linux platform. I need to plot a simple X-Y graph. I have the x co-ords and y co-ords saved in two different integer arrays in correspoding order. I basically need to see if I get a straight line or not. Can I please get help with a sample code or any bits that might help? Thanks a lot.

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    If you are just wanting to know if it is a straight line or not (as in a yes or no answer), just ask yourself how you would check that with pen and paper, then implement the same check in code.

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    Well you can determine characteristics of the line mathematically. If you still want to visibly display the graph, you should look into a graphics library. SDL might be a good choice. ( Then of course you could use | \ / and -'s to display the line!

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    An alternative is to write a BMP file. When I wanted to see how the landscape of my 2D game was going to be, I had the program write a BMP file, at 72,000x48,000 pixels and using 1-bit color. Then just open the bitmap image in a standard image-editing program. All you need to know is the BMP file's format (I like making the width a multiple of 4 for simplicity reasons (32 for the 1-bit image)), and how to change the pixel colors accordingly. 24-bit is the easiest to work with.
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    If you're writing your own (not using a library) method of outputting BMP files, I'd suggest going with TGA instead. They're much simpler to figure out. If you're looking for more file types:

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    And if you just want to visualize the data aquired by a C program, dump values in a file, and use gnuplot to do the plotting. You can even write a script file doing the plotting using C, and launch gnuplot with simple system("") call. (or fork and exec). re-inventing the wheel can be cool and teach you a lot, but if the point is to get results...

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