Thread: how to create a make file?

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    how to create a make file?

    Hi, Is there any tools to create makemake file?
    I hv set of source files (say mcast.c main.c) and a header file in my program. i need to create a make file for this.
    I went through the google to find how to and im still in that phase.
    but at the middle of it i found a tool called automake.
    What make the difference using a tool to create a make file or writing its by my own.

    As a beginer which one would you recommend me?

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    As already replied in the other thread:

    This is a new thread, so if some moderator can help by splitting this and the previous post off, it would help.

    Some compilers are able to produce a dependency listing, which is part of generating a makefile. There are tools that go well beyond that - most IDE's have a way that produce a makefile, but it's often just as easy to write the bit that sets up the overall project yourself (because even in the IDE, you have to select which source files get compiled, and place them into some box or such).

    It is not hard if you understand a bit of makefile structure. If you don't, then you probably should study a tutorial of makefile structure.

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