Thread: Which compiler to use.

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    Which compiler to use.

    I've been using jGrasp for a while and it's no longer working correctly. (School computer). And I was wondering if there was anything else out there that I could try that might be a bit better. I understand this may not be the best place, but it is a C-board, so I'm giving it a try. I don't have to switch, but my jGrasp at home only compiles Java crap. I know I need to get a compiler for jGrasp if I want to compile C files, tried doing that, and now I'm here asking you guys/girls for guidance. Any ideas?

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    For Windows, the common recommendations are:
    Code::Blocks with gcc-mingw
    Dev-C++ with gcc-mingw (Dev-C++ is no longer being developed tho')
    Visual Studio Express Edition.

    I personally prefer the last one as the IDE is very slick and easy to use, but the gcc compiler is very good (better standards compliance for one thing).

    If you want to use jGrasp, I'm sure you can use it with gcc-mingw.

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