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    Folders in 8bit

    Im trying to open microsoft word from a c program.

    I know i have to use 8bit notation in the path to the program... but the path is the following..

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\winword.exe

    But when i put that in 8bit is..


    But of course the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office is not the 1st folder with "MICROS" at the beggining, neither the 2nd, 3rd nor 4th..

    in the Program Files folder i have

    microsoft frontpage
    microsoft office
    microsoft plus! digital media
    microsoft plus! photo story
    microsoft SQL server
    microsoft visual studio
    microsoft works
    microsoft .NET

    MICROS~1 open microsoft frontpage
    MICROS~2 open microsoft plus! digital media
    MICROS~3 open microsoft plus! photo story
    MICROS~4 open microsoft works
    MICROS~5 not opens anything....

    how will i open the microsoft office folder?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by epi_jimenez View Post
    I know i have to use 8bit notation in the path to the program...
    What is "8 bit" notation? I think you are confusing long pathname extensions with character set... You don't need to do anything special with the filename, just use it.
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    You're not supposed to try and build the Short path yourself.
    You're supposed to use GetShortPathName
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    I found it. Im working in C programming, and over there i have to use the shortname since it only handles 8bit long characters...

    If you go to the command prompt and write " dir *. /x" it will have a new column with the short name (if it have one...) of the folder or file.

    thanks for trying, greatly appreciate it.

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