Thread: cant see the logic of this line..

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    cant see the logic of this line..

    table is an array of 3 which stores three rows of each file
    it returns the dmallest id

    why they use
    for what purpose
    int getMin(int eof[],vote table[],int *index){
    	int i,idmin;
    		if(eof[i]!=EOF && table[i].id<idmin){
    	return idmin;			

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    index is a pointer, it holds a memory location
    *index = i puts i inside the memory location index is pointing to

    for example
    int main()
      int bar = 4;
      int *foo = &bar;
      *foo = 7;
      printf("%d", bar);
      return 0;
    the output will be : 7

    it also allows the manipulation of variables outside the scope of the subroutine
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    Well, I suppose the the logic is very simple. Since the function cant return more than one value. But the person who coded it looks like the that he wanted the index value if the table of where the min value was found. And that he is doing. As soon the min value is found, it function also return the index value of where the min value was found in tables array.

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