Thread: USB programming envirnonment

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    USB programming envirnonment


    Does anybody here successfully installed a compiler environtmet into a USB pendrive to program anywhere? what compiler and how?


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    gcc-mingw should work from a pen-drive. I doubt that Visual Studio is able to work without installing files in c:\windows or some other directory outside of itself [that's not to say that you can't move those files onto a pen-drive, just that you have to figure out what files, and then put them on the pendrive AND set a path so that they can be found].

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    mingw32 (with gdb), notepad++, resedit.

    i hear code::blocks should be able to run on pen drive, but never needed to test it out
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    there is a Portable version of DevC++ out there which is pretty much like Visual C++.... it works on pendrive or external hard drives pretty well... as for Visual C++, m not pretty sure of whether it works when transported to pendrive or not!

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