Thread: storage beyond NULL

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    storage beyond NULL

    Hi guys,

    Im trying to store characters beyond my '\0' character in an array of char

    char myvar[256] = {};
    Im filling up character by character trying to get something like:

    H | E | L | L | O | \0 | M | O | R | E | \0

    but i get segmentation fault all the time...Is there a way to work this out?

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    Perhaps you should post ALL of your code?

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    sorry I think I blamed the wrong is the code

    //this function works great it adds the second string after the 
    //null character in base propperly
    int build_stream(char * base , char * add)
    	int i;
    	int len = (strlen(base) + strlen(add)) + 1;
    	for (i = strlen(base) + 1; i < len ; i++)
    		base[i] = *add++;
    	base[len] = '\0';
    	return len;
    // here is where the problem is, this is a function I was making 
    //to get back the added string after the null into a variable dest.
    void getit(char * dest, char * text)
    	int i, j;
    	int limit = 3;
    	for (i = limit; *text != '\0'; i++)
    		dest[i-limit] = text[i];
    	dest[i - limit] = '\0';
    int main()
    	char myvar[256] = "OK";
    	char *t    = "HELLO";
    	int j, i;
    	char user[15] = {};  // this variable will be used to take 'HELLO' back
    	j = build_stream(myvar, t); // after this call myvar will be holding OKnullHELLOnull
    	getit(user, myvar); //this call doesnt work properly
    	printf("myvar: %s\n", myvar); // outputs HELLO since printf works till the first null
    	printf("user : %s\n", user); // outputs HL for some reason and no HELLO

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    IMO getit() has too many moving parts, so either increment the array index or the pointer but not both.

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    But your getit works just like strcpy. It travels the string until it finds \0, then stops.
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    The best way to make multistring values (as per REG_MULTI_SZ) is to concatenate strings together using a '\n' in place of the '\0' you want between the strings (and at the end) and then replace all '\n' characters with '\0' characters once you've built the whole string.

    If that isn't exactly what you're doing this for, then I think you should still adapt the idea to your situation anyway.
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