Thread: Conver long to 8 byte array and back to long

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    Conver long to 8 byte array and back to long

    I have these two functions to convert one long to a 8 byte array and to convert a byte array to a long, but somethings isn't right..
    I think that is my shifts, but I'm not certain.

    unsigned char* longToByteArray(long value){
      unsigned char *b;
      b=(unsigned char*)malloc(sizeof(unsigned char)*8);
      int i;
      for(i = 0; i < 8;i++){
        int offset = (8 - 1 - i) * 8;
        b[i] = (unsigned char) ((value  >> offset) & 0xFFFFFFFL);
      return b;
    long byteArrayToLong(unsigned char* b, int offset) {
      long value = 0;
      int i;
      for (i = 0; i <8; i++) {
        int shift = (8 - 1 - i) * 8;
        value += (b[i + offset] & 0xFFFFFFFL) << shift  ;
      return value;
    When I convert long x =1111, the bytes are
    b[0]=0x0, b[1]=0x0, b[2]=0x4, b[3]=0x57,
    b[4]=0x0, b[5]=0x0, b[6]=0x4, b[7]=0x57
    and should be:
    b[0]=0x0, b[1]=0x0, b[2]=0x0, b[3]=0x0,
    b[4]=0x0, b[5]=0x0, b[6]=0x4, b[7]=0x57

    If someone can help me, I would be grateful.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Be lazy and use a union:
        union bl {
            unsigned char b[ sizeof( long )];
            long l;
    Are you sure your long is eight bytes?

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    Whether it really is 8 bytes or not, all of those 8's should be sizeof(long)'s.
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    and mask should be 0xFF

    why do you need mask when converting back from array to long?
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