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    Question formatting of string

    Hello ,

    i have tried a hell lot no of ways to do this, but all in vain.
    let me tell what exactly i want to do .
    I have a function int reportError(char *errorFormatString,

    unsigned char *GT1_p,

    unsigned int GT1_length,

    unsigned char *GT2_p,

    unsigned int GT2_length)
    During execution , using gdb i can see its arguments values as :

    reportError (errorFormatString=0x2b5d309c4140 "Failed to extract
    NDC from GT %s to prefix %s",
    GT1_p=0x612b5e "Dy\003\t2\020\a", GT1_length=8,
    GT2_p=0x7fff8d26f030 "I\231\020", GT2_length=9)

    Using gdb i can see
    Value at GT2 address ie GT2_p

    (gdb) x /3 0x7fff8d26f030
    0x7fff8d26f030: 0x00109949 0x40302200 0x1f78d30f
    So it shows the value is 49991000002230400f (byte swapped and lenght
    is 9 ie 18 bytes or 18 characters)

    Value at GT1 address ie GT1_p
    (gdb) x /3 0x612b5e
    0x612b5e: 0x09037944 0xffff1032 0x00000007
    So it shows the value is 447903093210ffff (byte swapped and lenght
    is 8 ie 16 bytes or 16 characters)

    I want to store GT2 value 49991000002230400f and GT1 value
    447903093210f in errorFormatString .
    as below
    "Failed to extract NDC from GT 447903093210 to prefix
    49991000002230400f "

    Can somebody suggest a way to do this .

    Thanks in Advance.


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    Use %x or %p format?

    Compilers can produce warnings - make the compiler programmers happy: Use them!
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