Thread: Struct and file problem!!! urgent

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    Struct and file problem!!! urgent

    I am writing a program that refuses to work. I use fwrite to write the struct to a file in main. Everything seems to write properly. However I can't seem to read the info back from the file properly. All the members that were read and assigned in main are working however whenever i pass the struct to functions to read or assign specific members, those members are not able to be read properly from the file.

    Please help!!!

    I am using windows vista home promium and borland 5.02

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    You shouldn't reopen the same file inside another function (especially if you want it to pick up reading where the other function left off); if you need to pass a file around, then pass it in as a FILE* parameter to the function.

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    Thanks tabstop

    I am going to try that in a little while and let u know how it worked out.

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