Thread: Executable file not working

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    Executable file not working

    I have a program i made and when i compile it, it works perfectly but the .exe file it creates, doesnt work... I run that file and it runs but doesnt do anything...

    I use FreeConsole() so there isn't a window open when it runs as it is a program that runs in the background so I don't know what it is doing. The .exe file does free the console but it doesnt do anything else. If you need more information then just ask.

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    Perhaps you could have a switch or setting that disables the FreeConsole part, and then you could see what it's doing?

    Alternatively, log to a file or use a debugger...

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    But the console actually does nothing, its basically a keylogger which registers when you press a key and writes it to a .txt file but the .exe wont create the file or send any of the characters.

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    Sounds like something that might get this thead closed soon.
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    Sounds like you're right.

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