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    So i am trying to improve programs i write. My programs are usually for calculations due to my uni course.

    At the moment my programs take in integers using scanf, but if someone puts a letter in by mistake, they crash so i want to use strings.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int main()
        char *a, *b, *c;
        printf("Please input a, b and c in the form of a b c\n");
        scanf("%s", a);
        scanf("%s", b);
        scanf("%s", c);
        printf ("%s %s %s", a, b, c);
        return 0;
    If i completely remove anything to do with b and c, the program can print a, but once b and c come along, it crashes. What am i doing wrong? I have no idea of the length these variables could be so i cant use arrays i dont think.

    is there a neater way of doing this?

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    your a,b,c are uninitialized pointers - you do not know where they point - so you are trying to write to the random memory location.

    You need arrays - to own the memory you'll use

    char buf[100];
    scanf("%99s", buf);
    printf("%s", buf);
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    thank you. what does the 99 do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by a.mlw.walker View Post
    thank you. what does the 99 do?
    Make sure that you don't read in more data than there is space for.

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