I dont know if your familiar with circlemud but Im having this problem. It compiles the .c files alright but then tells me
db.o(.text+0x6d7f): In function 'load_default_config':
/home/mud_programming__/Circle Mud 3.2.1/src/db.c:3243: undefined reference to 'use_new_socials'
db.o(.text+0x6d7f):/home/mud_programming__/Circle Mud 3.2.1/src/cb.c:3244: undefined reference to 'auto_save_olc'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

If anyone here has experience with olc and circlemud your help would be great. other than that Im just writing for some insight on what the problem or problems could be. I noticed it says theres an undefined reference to two variables while writing this but Im not a programmer either. The game im making still runs but with a couple of bugs and im just wondering what might that mean.?