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    Recreating Clock Code


    I am a first time programmer trying to compile some basic code in replacement for an electronic component.

    I am working a circuit with various counters, multiplexers etc which will be fed into a Pico ADC 11.

    Initially I was using a '555 timer' to control the rate of the entire circuit - as it produces a digital clock wave with adjustable period.

    I am looking to recreate this output clock signal. The clock signal must be adjustable to run at various speeds, i.e. an adjustable period. The output signal is created from the ADC 11 which I can program using C or any other language.

    I have downloaded the "Code::Blocks and the MINGW Compiler on Windows" - as recommended for beginners - and have been trying to figure everything out but am getting no where.

    I was hopeful someone could point me in the correct direction.

    Thank you

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    Just use a normal timer and multiply/divide by a number to get your intended result. For example:

    CurrentTime = RealTime * Scale;

    RealTime is what you'd base it off of and Scale is the offset.
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    The 555 is a wonderful chip. I'd think twice before using software to replace it's function. Monitoring/handling the time is a huge burden for a cpu.

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