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    urgent please help!!

    this program is my project and got to submit it by next week .. people please help
    the program is to write a program which read 10 numbers from a file indata.txt, find the minimum and maximum value, and write the to out put file result.txt within a message.
    here is basic idea i have
    int minvalue(intv[]), maxvalue(intu[]);
    int main(void)
    int min,max,numbers[10]; data file into array..
    min = minvalue(numbers);
    max = maxvalue(numbers);
    ...print out result
    int minvalue (int nums[])
    find minimum, assign it to the int variable min..
    return min;
    int maxvalue (int nums[])
    find maximum, assign it to the int variable max
    return max;
    it has to be done in this format ... people please help i just a beginner i dont know how to do this.

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