I'm an entry to intermediate C# programmer, mostly projects so far. Now I find myself needing to customize an old windows program written in C by the manufacturer.

The project requires me to add an item to the menu bar of a program called FBG. I have all the original source and I believe I can make the changes I need, but I'm at a lost with respect to compiling, linking, header files, resource files, etc. I'm under the gun to get this done in a hurry so unfortunately I don't have the time to really dig into the mechanics as I'd like to. I'm hoping some generous person will be able to look at the manufacturers source (attached) and give me the general steps to compile and link to an .exe.

I've attached what files I could based on forum restrictions. The complete file list is as follows:

-fbg.src (appears to define types)

-fpg.c (main program loop)
-fpggui.c (user interface routines)
-fpgut.c (utilities)
-fpgprint.c (printer communications)

-fpg.h (include file)
-fpg.hh (resource file) (appears to define menu bar items)
-make32.mak (makefile for 32bit)

Seems to me I need to somehow compile this together in the exe (FBG.EXE). Any thoughts at all are appreciated. The compilers I have available are Miracle C, lcc-win32, and Visual 2005 C++.

Thanks very much for any help.