Thread: Problem with memory clean up in calling function

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    Problem with memory clean up in calling function

    I am working on following code snippet and am having problems stated below. Please help me:

    typedef struct {
    char* hostname;
    int connects;
    } Str;
    char * getandprint(int *argcnt, Str * strarr)
            static char buff[8];
            int i,k;
            Str *strarr1=0;
            strcpy(buff,"PRINTER"); //this will be returned
            printf("count is %d\n",*argcnt);
            for (i=0;i<(*argcnt);i++)
                    strarr1=(Str *)malloc(sizeof(Str));
                    if(strarr1 !=(Str *)0){
                            if(seqarr1 !=(Str *)0) {
                                    printf("outside %d string is %s\n",seqarr[i].connects,seqarr[i].hostname);                        }
            for (i=0;i<(*argcnt);i++)
                    printf("printed %d string is %s\n",seqarr[i].connects,seqarr[i].hostname);        }
            return buff;
    Str * GetStr()
    //This dynamically allocates the memory and then populates Str element and returns pointer to it
    I am able to print everything correctly in the printf of first for loop.(one in Green)

    However, the printf in second for loop(one in red) gives following problems if *argcnt is large:
    1) Some of the initial members print "seqarr[i].connects" correctly but junk values in "seqarr[i].hostname".
    2) The program gives a segmentation fault if the count is very large.

    For example, if count is 3000, for first 45-50 times, seqarr[i].connects is printed correctly but "seqarr[i].hostname" prints junk.
    And after printing some first 2950 times, I get a segmentation fault.

    I suspect these could be due to clean up issues.

    Please let me know why am I getting these errors and how do I correct them?
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