Thread: Is This Supposed To Happen? [Dynamic Memory]

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    Is This Supposed To Happen? [Dynamic Memory]

    I'm calling the following function:

    unsigned int Test(void)
        char *var;
        var = (char*) malloc(255);
        strcpy(var,"A string.");
        MessageBox(NULL,var,"Data in var",MB_OK);
        return 0;
    And, for some reason, even though it's been free()'d, I'm still getting this: (see attachment).

    Is this supposed to happen? o_O

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    You can get anything and everything by using freed memory. All this means is that either (a) the memory has yet to be reassigned and/or (b) the new owner hasn't written new stuff in it yet. The memory is not trashed when freed.

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    Oh, that makes sense. Thanks p_o

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    segmentation fault
    A free pointer still points to the same address. You could use var=NULL.

    ps. your memset does not need to be one byte smaller than your malloc, since they both refer to the number of (not "the count beginning with zero").
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