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    Validate input value

    I have a program with a menu like this:

     char c;
     char option;
         printf("\n1.Insert number: \n");
         printf("2. Option 2\n");
         printf("3. Option 3\n");
         printf("4. Option 4\n");
         printf("5. Quit\n");     
         printf("Enter Option: ");
         scanf("%c", &option);  
           printf("Insert number:");	           
            while((c=getchar()) != '\n'){       
    	//call function here
        else if(option=='2'){
    	//do something
        else if(option=='3'){
    	//do something
        else if (option=='4'){
           //do something
       else if(option=='5'){	 
    	printf("The program exits now!\n");
       else  {
           printf ("Invalid menu choice - try again\n")			
    } while (option != '5');
    I want to validate that the entered option is acceptable. The system will check that the user entered an integer numeric value between 1-5. If the input is incorrect then the system will respond “Invalid menu choice ” and present the user with the menu.

    When I enter 1, or 2,3,4,5.... my program works fine. But when I enter 125, the program jumps to option 1.

    I know that I am wrong at getchar() line since it only gets a character. but I don't know how to fix it.

    Any helps would be appreciated.
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    Yeah, no matter how many characters you enter, you're only going to get the first digit or character.

    You could use scanf instead of getchar to specify that you're just looking for a single, decimal integer value, and then use int's instead of the char equivalents in your case statements.

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