Thread: help me with C codes

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    help me with C codes

    I have the following struct defined:

    typedef struct FrameHdr {
        u_char	type;		/* SSWP_DATA or SSWP_ACK */
        SeqNum	seq;		/* sequence number */
        u_char	size;		/* size of payload */
        u_char	flags;		/* see below */
    } FrameHdr;
    typedef struct Frame {
        FrameHdr	hdr;		/* Frame header */
        u_char	body[256];	/* Body */
    } Frame;
    and in my .c file I have the following:

    Frame frame;
    frame.hdr.size = ....;
    frame.hdr.type = ....;
    frame.hdr.seq = ....;
    however I got these errors:

    sender.c:180: error: ‚FrameHdr‚ has no member named ‚type‚
    sender.c:181: error: ‚FrameHdr‚ has no member named ‚seq‚
    sender.c:181: error: ‚FrameHdr‚ has no member named ‚size‚

    what am I doing wrong here?

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    Looks fine to me. Are you sure that the structs you have shown are within the scope of the function you are trying to work with?

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    the structs are declared on another .h file which I already included in the header of the .c file,. I also tried the following alternative, but it doesn't work as well

    Frame* frame = (Frame*) malloc(sizeof(Frame));
    frame->hdr->type = TYPE_DATA;
    frame->hdr->seq = (SeqNum) LFS;
    frame->hdr->size = 0;

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    check the header guards - that they are unique in each homemade header

    if headers are from some library - check maybe some defines are needed, that will modify FrameHdr definition
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