Thread: commands and arguments problem

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    commands and arguments problem


    I'm new in Cprogramming and have this problem. I want to run my program like ./my_program command1 [args] command2[args] command3 [args]

    for example ./my_program /bin/ps -ef /bin/grep "pattern" /bin/wc -l

    and I need to know in my main function which argument in argv[] array is command and which is argument of this command.

    so in my example /bin/ps, /bin/grep and /bin/wc is commands and -ef, "pattern", -l is their arguments.

    Output of the first command with arguments is input of the second command and output of second command is input of third command.

    Commands arguments are alternative.

    I must compare arguments of main function that beggins with '/'? or is there some better function to detect which argument is extern shell command?

    Thank's all for help.

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    add delimiters between different commands
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    Easy enough to check for argv[i][0] == '/'

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