Thread: read mix file: fscanf fgets

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    read mix file: fscanf fgets

    Hi there, I am having trivial problem in reading a simple file (see below).

    This file is not a list of numbers or list of strings, but is a combination of the two.
    All is fine when I read it line by line and assign the numbers to a certain variable by using fscanf, but when I try to do the same for the strings, I obtain a bus error.

    I hope someone can help;
    thank you in advanced,


    My code looks as it follows, and the input file is the next:

    Code to read it:
    	FILE *file_ID;
            const char *problem[2]; // After reading the file this variable would be something like this:
                                                  // problem[0] = "problem_type"
                                                  // problem[1] = "problem_name"
    	int i,j,k=0;
            float, x,y,z;
    	file_ID = fopen("input.txt", "r");
    	//Read the content of the input file:
    		fscanf(file_ID, "%f\n", &x);
    		fscanf(file_ID, "%f\n", &y);
    		fscanf(file_ID, "%f\n", &z);

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    const char *problem[2];
    Your two pointers don't point anywhere, at least not anywhere valid where you've allocated space for those strings. You'd need to either point those two pointers to an existing buffer of some kind or dynamically allocate some space for them. You could also just use a couple of char arrays to store the data as well.

    A second problem is that the pointers are const which means that you'd not be able to modify the text they point to using them.
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