Thread: how can I achive when, do?

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    how can I achive: when, do?

    What different ways are available to achive an action, when a specific event has occured besides a callback or making a loop that does nothing but wait for a condition to become true?

    I have read up a bit on signals in unix, would it be possibel to make a function pause until it recieves a signal from another function?

    I have used the "waiting in a loop" for now but it wastes a lot of cpu resources.
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    i dont quite understand what your requirement is...but if its multiprocessing feature you are looking for then...

    if you want to make a function wait for another function then...

    for threads
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    Thank you, as far as I can tell pause could work it seems. What I have is a loop that sends packets from a packet array to a network, but the condition is that a packet canīt be sent until an o.k flag has been recieved.

    The input is handled by a callback in another thread that polls the input. If I can get my loop to pause after each packet until it recieves a signal that the packet arrived successfully that would be great.

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