Thread: Beginner C programming Please Help!

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    while((ch = getchar()) != EOF)
    ch should be declared as int - otherwise you could not distinguish EOF from the character with the code 0xFF
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    Isn't it already int?

    Oh, whoops. My bad.

    Yeah, getchar() returns an integer, and as vart points out, EOF is (usually) declared as -1. Therefore, if you typed in a 0xFF char (very unlikely unless you're piping input ), it would read as EOF.

    Not what you want.

    Therefore, declare ch and last_ch as integers.
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    hmmm. that's big help!
    thank you so much!
    i just saw that...
    i am not really familiar with those character things, i think i will read the book more and spend a few more hours on this.
    i'm thinking of making a IS_HAWAIIAN function and test it there, if its hawaiian then return true, if not return false
    when it's true it says it's valid
    when its false it says it's invalid
    but then i won't be able to print the word again...

    it's like a mess. oh..

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    this is my new idea:

    in main:
    while (num != EOF)
    if !is_hawaiian, print invalid
    else, print valid

    in is_hawaiian:
    while white space, ch = getchar
    while it is consonant or vowel
    if ch and last ch is consonant, false;
    if end of word, last isn't vowel, false;

    if (ch == EOF) return EOF
    if not consonant and not vowel return false;

    hope it works.!

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