Thread: rename works intermittently

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    rename works intermittently

    Hey folks!

            strcpy(LineData[counter2].filename2, LineData[counter].storefilename);
    	rename("tempfile.txt", LineData[counter].storefilename);
    I have about 80 files that are processed by the above code. In some instances, "tempfile.txt" does not get renamed to "LineData[counter].storefilename".

    I can verify that "tempfile.txt" exists, the file "LineData[counter].storefilename" has been deleted, and that "LineData[counter].storefilename" is a valid filename in the structure, using a debugger. So why does rename not work in all instances when it is called?

    Thanks in advance.
    OS: Linux Mint 13(Maya) LTS 64 bit.

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    Make sure that all file handlers and streams that point to LineData[counter].storefilename are closed . . . if you haven't already.

    Try rename() on some other files in other programs, and experiment.
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    check the return value and on failure - exemine errno
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