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    string tok to char arrays

    hi i am having some trouble with string tokenising....

    char line "40,2,240";
    char *result;
    char age[20];
    char hieght[20];
    char wieght[20];
        result= strtok(line,","))!=NULL)
        printf("1st age :%s:\n",age);
        result= strtok(line,","))!=NULL)
       result= strtok(line,","))!=NULL)
        result= strtok(line,","))!=NULL)
    printf("age  :%s: \n",age);
    which produces

    1st age is 20;
    age ::;

    so i guess what is happening is that result (char*) is pointing to the different memory locations of the portion of the string (line) and that when i get down the bottom result is pointing to a null.....

    but my question is how do i avoid the referencing problem ??? especially if i want to do this thousands of times over a file ???

    ie the idea is cut the line up and then print the char arrays ??

    have been playing around with this for ( embarrassingly) days

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    on subsequent calls strtok should get NULL as first parameter

    first line of your code could not be compiled, what you really have?
    All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection,
    except for the problem of too many layers of indirection.
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