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    glibc detected - error


    I have written a client/server app that works fine when I run both in a local machine, but once I try to run the server on a remote machine I get the following error:

    *** glibc detected *** free(): invalid next size (normal): 0x0804d828 ***

    Anybody have an idea of why this is happening? I've read on several forums that this may be caused by allocating less memory than what is required.


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    looks like memory overrun in the block allocated by malloc
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    You probably wrote outside the bounds of allocated space. It could be because of allocating less memory than required, or it could be a bug where you accidentally access memory you shouldn't be. It sounds like you're likely on a system that is supported by Valgrind, a fantastic debugging tool that can help pinpoint exactly where your memory errors are occurring. I would definitely give it a shot; but don't forget to build your program with the -g flag for debugging.

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