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    so the 'n' should be outputed as 0x32?

    or your input is limited to digits?

    also - the result should be string or array of integer values? What will be sent to display registers?
    Yes, exactly. Just an array of hex values sent to the display register.
    To output 51 to the screen I would write 0x05 (the number 5) to DISPLAY_DATA_IN,
    then 0x00 (for example) for the character position register. To get the remaining 1 value I would write 0x01 to DISPLAY_DATA_IN then 0x01 to the character position register.

    Eventually I may want to do this for all characters on the table, but we definitely need to interpret integers in the mean time.

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    so you need ints...

    for chars '0' - '9'

    int x = ch - '0';

    will give 0 - 9 (or 0x00 - 0x 09 which is the same for integers)

    then if(x == 0) x += 10; (or x += 0x0A; if you prefer hex notation)

    and then sent x to register - do it for each digit...

    when you'll want to process more chars - do a convertion table that will contain values like

    table['n'] == 0x32;

    table size will be 255 - you you do not need to search on it - just direct access using char value as index
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