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    Variable Help

    Hey, I am really new to C programming. So far I am make really basic stuff. Anyway, how do you make a variable to save a whole word or sentence. When I tried, it only saved the C in Chris. Thanks.

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    Use an array of characters, a so-called C string. Here's a tutorial about it.

    char *p;  /* a pointer used for removing newlines */
    char name[50];  /* allow a 49-character name maximum */
    fgets(name, sizeof name, stdin);  /* read name from the user */
    p = strchr(name, '\n');  /* search for the terminating newline */
    if(p != NULL) *p = '\0';  /* replace the terminating newline with a NULL char, if it was found */
    printf("Hello, %s!\n", name);  /* use the variable name somehow */
    All of that code for removing the newline is necessary because when you enter something like
    Hello, World!
    you're really entering the string "Hello, World!\n". If you want to use the string, e.g. print it to the screen, you usually don't want the trailing newline; hence why the above code removes it.

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    Thanks, I was using %d.

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    I thought you might like to take a look at Beej's guide to C programming.
    Also, if you need a book, the forum members have a really extensive list of books in the sticky post at the top of the forum list.
    Hope you find something that helps.

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