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    Question Programs for practice?

    I'm looking for some kind of site/list of programs to write in the purpose of practice. I'm trying to force myself to learn C but I can't seem find anything fun to write. Maybe someone knows a site out there.

    The only idea I've had was to write a text editor but I have no idea how to get started.


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    I am still newbie enough to occasionally ask myself: what now?

    Obviously, don't try to write "fun" programs that are too far beyond your current abilities, because you'll only be aquiring knowledge on a superficial level in order to write(cobble together) these programs. At the same time, you'll be neglecting fundamentals.

    What I have done is to try to replicate programs and functions that I use everyday. For example, you probably use a browser or word processor's search function to find a word. So write a little search program, it only takes about 50 lines, and you will be exposed to fundamentals like arrays, pointers, functions, opening and closing files.

    And then the next step is to include a function to replace the text that you have searched for with another word or sentence.

    More programming ideas:
    - calculator
    - count the number of words in a file
    - print the contents of a file to the screen
    - count the number of lines in a file
    - print line numbers to the left of lines in a file(really good for checking to see how many lines of code are in your programs)

    I know that a lack of ideas about what to write can REALLY hamper enthusiam for a newbie. I've gone through that phase myself.

    Don't be afraid to ask any questions in this forum(but try to research the solution first).

    Good luck!
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